XS Group welcomes Odoco as part of its roaring expansion!

Odoco Agency, a Google Street Maps I Business View Agency of the Year 2014 awardee, was recently acquired under the wings of one of the most promising creative agencies in Asia – the XS Group. Its owner, Chris Egan Roxas, CEO, and Angelo Valdez, Singapore Country Manager of XS Asia, are encouraged by this business decision to pave the way for a booming year as it continues to pounce on the ever-growing opportunities that lie untapped in the region and the rest of the world.

From left to right, Chris Egan Roxas (XS Group CEO) Sanveer Gill of Gill Capital (Director of Odoco) Angelo Cenon Valdez (XS Asia Singapore Country Manager)


As a Google-trusted agency, Odoco will further sustain its traction to more enterprises in the Asia-Pacific Region. XS Group will continue Odoco’s commitment to collect locational information that will be made accessible to every corner in the world. Clearly seeing the vital role of virtual tours in online marketing, XS Group will live up to the promise of innovation beyond expectations and to be at the forefront of virtual tour services. With innovation in the center of XS Group’s acquisition decision, the company wouldn’t just stop on a single service but will elevate the standards of virtual tour production.

360 virtual tour featured image

Some of ODOCO’s published Virtual Tours on Google Maps Street View


According to XS Group CEO Chris Roxas, having acquired Odoco will only do wonders ten-fold for the XS Group, as its shared strengths will further heighten both businesses to become one major, gritty player in the industry. With that said, Odoco is undoubtedly a most-welcome and truly innovative addition, despite the challenges which are not overlooked by the young visionary of the group.

Odoco featured image

Odoco was awarded as Google Maps Business View Agency of the Year 2014 in Taiwan, Highest Shoot Count (2nd Half) 2013 Singapore, Highest Shoot Count (1st Half) 2014 Taiwan


This acquisition seen by industry insiders as fresh and ground-breaking is the way the XS Group looks forward to shattering more business ceilings this year 2018!

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