Rivals to Collaborate for an HS2 Train Project in UK

Bombardier and Hitachi, known for being the biggest rival in the field of train building, has announced that they will be collaborating on the construction of the new bullet train project in the United Kingdom.

The two company has originally submitted their proposals separately. But due to an intense competition brewing and with different companies suddenly emerging to join the said competition, Bombardier and Hitachi have decided to join forces for the bid.

The competition for building a new HS2 train has never been this intense. Currently, there are five competitors trying to win the £2.75 Billion contract.

The collaboration between Bombardier and Hitachi has made them one of the strongest candidates for the HS2 train and railway project. The result of the intense battle will be announced in 2019.

By 2026, the HS2 railway is expected to open between London and Birmingham, which will serve as a mode of transportation for eight different cities in the country.

Winning the said competition will be a long journey for the bidders. Especially that the European Nation is known for choosing and trusting local contractors when it comes to building infrastructures in their country. In the past, overseas contractors and manufacturers have been greatly criticized.

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